How Stress Can Leave You Shouting Out In Pain

How Stress Can Leave You Shouting Out In PainStress is a highly individualistic, multi-faceted response to a set of circumstances that place a demand on physical or mental energy.

If you’re stressed out it can lead to an increase in pain in your body.  Here’s a real world example.  I have a retired client who came to see me to help with her chronic hip pain.  Within months she was functioning pain-free. She went back to her regular long nature walks and wasn’t troubled by pain while falling asleep.  All is going along swimmingly and she is just doing maintenance treatments to keep her functioning at her peak. Now she can do renovations around the house she can twist, bend and turn her body without any protests.

She takes a job just for “fun” and it ends up pouring on the stress. Not just that but family stressors add to the mix and she now has pain in her hip again at a level of 7 out of 10 as she describes it.

So what happened?

Stress my friends is what happened.

I see this all the time and I wish I could wave my magic wand and take it away. So that’s just what I did. I’ve been playing with a new healing technique that I’ve been playing with for years.  It helped unfreeze a 40-year-old frozen shoulder so I thought why not?

I did an assessment on my lovely retiree and found all the usual limitations in her joints. After 25 minutes of clearing blockages out of her energy field I checked back and found all the motion in her body was balanced again. I was amazed. I still did all the usual muscle testing to make sure every muscle was strong and it wasn’t just more motion without stability and there were three muscles that were weak where normally there are about fifteen. Long story short I checked back with her about a week later and she said her pain was now 3 out of 10 instead of the previous 7.

As a logical cynic it’s really hard for me to trust this healing process but here it is showing up for me again and again. The proof is staring me straight in the face so after twelve years in this field I’m finally trusting that the right combination of energetic and physical treatment can work wonders for pain even the most stubborn, surgery begging pain that you can’t seem to get rid of.

I still find it really interesting that we could clear and affect her joint settings and pain so drastically by not even touching her body. By clearing out “hot spots” in her body and bringing in “light” we could really change pain as well as the amount of motion and strength she had. Now the real test will be how she does during her two month walking trip abroad.

Stress that we don’t deal with, ignore or push down ends up getting stored somewhere in our bodies and sometimes that stress manifests as pain you would swear is completely physical but there is more to it than that. That I am sure of now.

If you suspect you have pain in your body as a result of chronic job stress, life stress, marital problems, loss of a loved one Apana Bodywork is in the business of digging deeper, finding the root cause and pulling it out of your body.

An easy solution for stress is focusing on finding relief and making ourselves a bit happier in the moment. So what happened with my retiree?  In the end she quit her not-so-fun job and returned to doing things that she enjoys and I’m sure her pain will continue on its downward trend back to zero.

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~ Madeleine