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Trame Vibrational Therapy

I don’t think one realizes the help one needs until a few doors are open; both spiritually and mentally. In 6 sessions with her, I’ve already become a much calmer person on the inside with the acceptance of things I didn’t realize I have been fighting. I’m excited to see and feel the benefits that I have already tapped into with the help of Madeleine. She’s no doubt a powerful, calming, healing, safe zone that I have been missing in my life!

Holly W.Toronto, ON

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)

I had trouble going even for short walks and I felt like I had to kick my left leg out in front of me so my daughter recommended me to Madeleine. After four treatments I walked 3 km and for the first time in 11 months I felt pretty comfortable. After a subsequent session I was walking 5 km comfortably and didn’t feel like I had to kick my leg out but like it was doing it on its own. MAT treatments, the gym exercises recommended as well as the corrective exercises all combined to get me here.

GeoffStratford, ON

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)

“For a number of years I suffered with pain in right shoulder as a consequence of a serious injury that I incurred many years ago. This affected my posture and the mobility of my right arm. I had mentioned this to my doctor, but was never offered any recommendation or help as to what could be the problem or what could be done to fix it. The standard response was “it’s probably arthritis”.

After my initial assessment at Apana Bodywork and after a few sessions, my pain went away, my posture got better, my mobility improved! I could not believe I had gone for so many years with the constant shoulder pain!!

I found Madeleine to be a professional and caring therapist. And, I am amazed at the difference in my health that Muscle Activation has brought about.”

Liz S.Toronto, ON

Qi Gong & Reiki

I have suffered with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for many years. Most days I could not cope with the pain and my bed was the only place I could be. I was losing hope and almost every doctor said “this is something you are just going to have to live with”. I tried many different methods for pain relief such as physio therapy, exercise plans, medications etc. Nothing gave me the long term relief I was hoping for. When I received an energy healing from Madeleine the results were outstanding. Not only did I start to feel better but it opened doors to new ways to look at pain relief. My experiences with her have solidified my belief in how powerful the mind body connection truly is, and most importantly, to realize that I don’t have to learn to live with this, I can live my way out of it.

ElizabethMarkham, ON

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)

After two bunion surgeries, my feet were very painful and they we’re driving me crazy. After three treatments I’d say my feet are 95% better.

Marie C.Toronto, ON

My family and friends have noticed that I am not as stressed and seem a lot happier. I am not sad everyday anymore.

Trisha P.Newmarket, ON

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