What is Trame Vibrational Therapy?

Q: When will I notice a change after a Trame Vibrational Therapy session?

A: You will experience immediate and long term results.

Some changes are immediate whereas some take time to integrate but they are long lasting. The most changes should occur within the first 7-10 days and continue for up to 40 days after a single session.

It is important to keep in mind the possibility of detox symptoms that need to be cleared out in the first 7-10 days. For example, a session may bring up an old injury to the surface to be cleared so you may feel more pain than usual but it will be short lived and leaves you with less pain in the end.

Q: How many sessions will I need to see results?

A total of 3-5 Treatments is typically recommended to experience positive and long lasting results.

General Guideline for Number of sessions required:

• Acute issues/symptoms:  3-5 sessions are recommended for most individuals

• Chronic issues/symptoms: Between 5-8 Sessions for more chronic issues

• Personal Growth: More than 8 Sessions are recommended for individuals on the spiritual growth path looking to expand their awareness and fully empower themselves as well as clear out past stress and trauma.

Q: How often do I have to do tTame to see results?

A: Trame can only be done Once every 3 weeks because:

  1. Your body is adjusting to its new alignment and increased information flow
  2. Possible Emotional/physical detox for 7-10 days after your session
  3. Changes in emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of self and relationship to others over the next  40 days

Important Note: Any detox symptoms won’t be as intense or last as long as they normally would. Symptoms only come up to be released.

Q: Who is Trame Vibrational Therapy geared towards?

A: At Apana Bodywork we are focusing on four groups of people:

  1. Grief and Loss Recovery
  2. Bouncing back from Chronic pain
  3. Healing from Anxiety and/or Depression
  4. Clearing out Stress & Trauma

Q: What does Trame Vibrational Therapy do?

A: Think of your Trame or framework as the 3D invisible blueprint of your body. Along your Trame, information and energy flows like a computer than runs every cell of your body.  The functioning of your body is dependant on the proper flow of information and energy along your Trame. When blockages occur on your trame, the information and energy flow is interrupted leading to any number of small symptoms to bigger issues in the body and mind.

This treatment powerfully clears out old blockages, stress and trauma at a cellular level that impede the flow of information and energy.  The analogy used is that of shaking a carpet.  If blockages are lying on the carpet, shaking it will clear off the blockages while restoring the normal frequency of your framework. It is a holistic treatment so your individual results will vary but you will experience change.  You may experience change physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually or all of the above.

For example, some migraine sufferers no longer experience migraines after 3 sessions.  Others become empowered to speak up for themselves and still others have less or no pain in their body amongst other changes.

The improvement is unique to you and how the build-up of blockages are affecting your body, mind and soul.

Q: What causes blockages in the first place?

A:  The beauty of Trame Vibrational Therapy is that it helps to powerfully clear out stresses, traumas and negative beliefs  that are stored as emotions in the body. Emotions are energy in motion so when they are suppressed or unresolved they become trapped in the body affecting it’s proper function.

Q: What is involved in a Trame Vibrational Therapy?

A:  A Trame Vibrational Therapy session consists of a brief series of questions about your goals for treatment in order to track progress.  You lie fully clothed on a massage table where a series of 16 hand positions are gently placed on your body for a clearing 45 minute hands on treatment. No feedback is offered and no physical manipulation takes place however your body does readjust during a session.  It is a truly powerful and unique way to affect change on all levels.

Q: What can I expect to feel during a session?

A: You may feel tingling, hot, cold, twitching, floating sensations or emotional release.   All of these sensations are the body’s way of releasing cellular blockages and is completely normal. You may feel shifting or moving in your body as it adjusts to its new alignment.

Regardless of your experience during the session this treatment is powerful and works to optimize the blueprint of your body on the deepest level. Clients are impressed at how relaxed they feel after a session.

Q: Do I need to believe in this for it to work on me?

A:  It doesn’t matter if you’re open to it or not this therapy will work regardless. This treatment does not involve the mind so it works on believers and non-believers alike.  Many non-believers become believers once they experience powerful results for themselves.

 Q: Who developed Trame Vibrational Therapy?

A: Patrick Burensteinas developed Trame Vibrational Therapy in 1990 based on his work in alchemy and quantum physics. He began his lab research based on the question: “How do all cells in your body know where to go and what to do? What is governing the body’s ability to function? “ He researched for over 20 years and practiced this technique on 20,000 people before teaching his technique to other practitioners. There are currently only 3 practitioners in Ontario with many others in Europe and Montreal.

Q: How much does a session cost?

A: a session is $120 (incl. tax)

*Payment plans are always available.

~ Madeleine