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Why Does Apana Bodywork Offer Qi Gong & Reiki?

There are times of severe stress when one needs to focus on healing relaxation as a means of recharging the body so that it can be treated physically. At Apana Bodywork, we are prepared for this kind of situation through the energy healing arts of Qi Gong & Reiki.

What is CFQ Qi Gong?

Qi gong is a deeply clearing hands-on treatment that assists with clearing tightness, pain and blockages in the body. For example a client presented with upper back tightness and pain lasting 12 years that was cleared after one MAT/Qi gong session. Monthly maintenance has kept this client happy and pain free.

Qi gong movements also assists clients in clearing emotional or stress related symptoms in combination with Trame Vibrational Therapy.  Madeleine recommends treatments based on your symptoms, goals and your openness to adopting some new behaviors to assist in your healing.

The treatments are designed to maximize your healing to reach your treatments goals as efficiently as possible.

You may be taught a series of soft gentle movements that bring the mind towards letting go of blockages through body feeling. Connecting to this letting go feature of CFQ Qigong enables individuals to begin their self discovery and healing process. The benefits are usually seen within the first session and are used in conjunction with Muscle Activation Techniques, Trame Vibrational Therapy to speed recovery.

What is Reiki?

There are times of severe stress where a comfort treatment like Reiki is just the thing you need. Madeleine tunes in to your higher self to receive intuitive messages that are meant for your spiritual and personal growth while opening and balancing each chakra of your body.  A Reiki treatment starts out with a whole body Qi gong massage with specific focus on areas of blockage or stress.  This clearing treatment leaves you feeling completely relaxed and grounded from the inside out and ready to receive the healing energies.

But there is a definite time to do energy healing and a time to work on the physical aspects.  At Apana Bodywork, we take pride in knowing what is needed and when it is needed in order to help each individual to heal quickly and thoroughly.

The Benefits of Reiki Energy Healing

There are several benefits to the energy healing art of Reiki:

  • heal blockages and false subconscious beliefs Ex. I’m not worthy
  • teaching you how to access your higher energies and intuition
  • creating complete relaxation to help you re-energize and heal
  • opening and balancing all 7 chakras of your body
  • accelerate your spiritual/personal growth and awareness

You do not necessarily have to believe in this philosophy to feel relaxed and to be healed by it. Your body is inherently self-healing. An unobstructed flow of energy is necessary for health and Reiki is about restoring that flow and letting everything else take care of itself.

An Example of the Effectiveness of Reiki Energy Healing

An Apana client not only lost a very close relative herself but had to be the support person for her grieving family member. This personal stress, along with work deadlines and travel, required we reduce stress, balance her energetically so that she could be ready to support her family member through a difficult time. She was able to do this thanks to her care at Apana and reported being able to be present and in good spirits throughout.

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