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Apana Bodywork


Heal Yourself

Are you ready to release years of accumulated stress and trauma at a cellular level?


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Muscle Activation Techniques

Have you tried everything to relieve your pain and have a feeling it's caused by something deeper?


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Are you ready to heal from anxiety and/or depression and become empowered?


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How We Can Help

At Apana Bodywork, each session is designed to meet your personal needs and/or objectives. We achieve this while following a standard program or protocol that includes these elements:

Defining Your Goals
Creating a Treatment Plan
Optimizing Your Healing
Reassessing Your Goals

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Define Your Goals

What would you like to achieve as far as healing? Are you looking to get more out of your life? Do you want to participate in yoga or certain activities without pain or discomfort, or perhaps increase feelings of calmness and joy?

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Plan Ahead
Creating your Treatment Plan

Once we develop the treatment plan it isn’t written in stone. It’s important for you to know that your healing is number one. If the strategy we’ve employed to get you to your goals needs tweaking, your treatment plan will be adjusted accordingly.

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Optimize Your Healing

Every Apana Bodywork client has a distinctive need or set of needs. Through our holistic approach, we optimize your healing so that you may experience immediate and long-term progress, both spiritually and physically.

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Re-assessing your goals

At Apana Bodywork, we check in to make sure you’re achieving your goals and make adjustments to your treatment plan accordingly.
For example, if you have a chronic pain issue and Trame Vibrational Therapy is helping but you still feel you need more strength and stability we can add some MAT sessions.

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Is a trauma from the past still affecting you today?

Are you ready to heal on a deeper level both physically and emotionally?

Are you burnt out with life’s stress?

We look forward to getting you feeling like yourself again.

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